Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just One More by Edward T. Welch

I have been preaching through a series on Greed during the month of December. The tagline for the series is simple: "Identifying our desire for more." We live in a culture that wants more and more and never seems to be satisfied. We have little to no contentment. It is killing us.

That is why I love this short booklet, 'Just One More' by Edward T. Welch. It comes in at just 26 pages, but it is filled with gospel hope. He does a marvelous job at identifying the root issues of our desire for more. And idolatry problem. And addiction problem. A problem of worshipping something other than the Lord God of the Bible.

One of the major issues he says in dealing with your sinful desires is to not allow it to grow in darkness. He says,
"Start by being honest, not just with yourself but with someone else as well. Addictions thrive on privacy. They live in the shadows and don't want to be seen. They persuade you that you can do it on your own. But, here again, they lie. Don't listen to the dozens of reasons you could give for staying undercover . . . Keep this rule of thumb: if you are resistant to telling someone else, then you need to tell someone else" (6-7).
This booklet is filled with several very practical steps in overcoming these sinful desires. Ultimately, he gets back to the gospel as the only cure for the desire for more. But because of the brevity of the book, I am not going to share more than that, but I will advise you to buy it and read it. It could be read in less than an hour. But it will be a very beneficial hour. I couldn't recommend this book enough.

CCEF Booklets
This booklet by Welch is just one of many that CCEF has published. You can find them all HERE. Here are just a few selective titles that may be helpful and hopefully, give you some idea of what kinds of subjects they write about as they seek to counsel others:

They have close to 70 subjects on which they have written these short counseling booklets. If you are looking for some godly, gospel-centered advice, check them out.


  1. Cool. I wonder if they have this (or others) in PDF, Kindle, etc. format?

    1. Uh, maybe I should have looked a little further, and clicked "CCEF eBooks (Kindle)". Anyway, thanks for recommending this book.


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