Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Greed Problem

We have a problem. It is a problem that finds its roots established deep with us. It is a problem that we all faced the past Black Friday Weekend. It is a problem that manifests its ugly head daily in our life. It is a problem that spans all race, gender, and age. And it is a problem that brings about devastating consequences in our life. 

We have a greed problem!

On Sunday, I began a sermon series on the concept of Greed. This is as pervasive of a problem in our culture and in my life as just about anything I can think of. When it comes to the concept of greed, most people think only in terms of money. We tend to think of Ebenezer Scrooge, who out of his greed, held onto his money with a very tight fist. But in reality, greed is something that extends far beyond our money. Just grab a dictionary and you will notice that greed is usually defined something like this: "a selfish desire to have more of something." We live in a culture that epitomizes the selfish desire for more. "Just one more" is the anthem of our society.

We have a "Just One More" problem!

Just one more dollar. Just one more toy. Just one more business deal. Just one more piece of pie. Just one more sexual experience. Just one more shirt. Just one more credit card. Just one more car. Just one more drink. Just one more tool. Just one more piece of pizza. Just one more movie. Just one more . . . We are "just-one-more-ing" ourselves to death. We are never satisfied. Our lives epitomize the pig at the mealtime more than we want to admit it does. We have a serious problem that manifests itself in a variety of ways.

The business man who ignores his family in the pursuit of that lucrative new deal probably has a greed problem. It maybe a pursuit of the greed of money, or power, or success. But it is a greed problem.

The child or young adult who has to have the new video game system every couple years probably has a greed problem. They are never satisfied and has to have the newest and latest.

The wife who secretly racks up thousands of dollars on a credit card her husband knows nothing about probably has a greed problem. It might be a pursuit of the greed of power or glory or importance, but her pursuits find their root in her greed.

The young adult who has no time for friends at church because they are incessantly working to pay for all their modern day conveniences probably has a greed problem. After all, their identity and status in life are wrapped up in whether they have the latest fashion or gadget. That's a greed problem.

We have a Serious Greed Problem!

Do you agree? Where do you find your greed manifesting itself in your life? Tomorrow, I am going to give several questions to help diagnose the heart issues of greed. Stay tuned.

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