Thursday, December 5, 2013

A New Poem by John Piper

I have been extremely blessed by the ministry of John Piper and Desiring God. That book alone is the most influential book outside the Scriptures for my Christian walk. So as he releases new material, I am always intrigued. This week, he released a new short poem that he called, The Calvinist.

Before I move on to talk about the poem, I feel I need to say something about the title. If I could ask him a question, it would be why he entitled this what he did. For sure, the lyrics are very reformed. But in the world in which I live, there are so many negative connotations with the term, Calvinist. The lyrics describe the Christian. I wonder if more people would listen and be blessed by this poem if it had a different title. I say that in the hopes that you won't simply dismiss these precious words simply because of the title.

This poem has 17 stanzas. I am not normally someone interested in poetry, but this is sweet to my soul. As I listen to it being read (video below), I was moved to think about my life. Am I the man being described? Can this be said of me? Do I desire it to be said of me?

My encouragement to you is to watch it one time through. And then go back and listen to it as you read the lyrics along with it. I found it moving, maybe you will as well. 

See him on his knees,
Hear his constant pleas:
Heart of ev'ry aim:
'Hallowed be Your name."

See him in the Word, 
Helpless, cool, unstirred,
Heaping on the pyre
Heed until the fire.

See him with his books:
Tree beside the brooks,
Drinking at the root
Till the branch bear fruit.

See him with his pen;
Written line, and then,
Better through preferred,
Deep from in the Word.

See him in the square,
Kept from subtle snare:
Unrelenting sleuth
On the scent of truth.

See him on the street,
Seeking to entreat,
Meek and treasuring:
'Do you know my King?'

Click HERE for the rest of the lyrics

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