Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Perfect Son-in-Law

My little girl is eight years old. I would be lying if I said I do not think about her future husband. I do. I pray for him often. I think of what kind of man I want her to date and eventually marry. What do I want him to be? How do I want him to treat her? What sort of man will be good enough to marry my precious Anni? 

If you have a daughter, I am sure you have thought many of the same thoughts. As I think about these characteristics of the perfect son-in-law, I wonder how many of them are simply external?

In Mark 10, Jesus has an interaction with a man who had it all. We are told he is rich. We are told he is young. We are told he is a ruler of some kind. We know he is religious, for he says he has kept the letter of the law. He is most certainly influential. He is probably very powerful. And He even pursues Jesus to see how he can be better. I wonder how many people would want this as the resume of the guy dating their daughter? 

He is good. Moral. Kind. Considerate. Upstanding citizen. He opens the door for her. He has nice clothes. He starts a business and does really well at it as he finishes graduate school. He is gentle. smooth. Hard worker. Sounds like a good candidate, doesn't it?

What if I told you there was one more thing about him? He loves his wealth and possessions more than Jesus. He has everything externally in shape, but his heart is far from God. He is everything on the outside most people would want for their daughter. But his sensitivity to the things of God is lacking. Therefore, he is no candidate for my daughter.

The perfect son-in-law is not judged by his wealth, what kind of car he drives, what he wears, or how "good" he is on the outside. Anyone can fake the outside. The perfect son-in-law will be someone that is sensitive to the things of God. He will be someone who is quick to confess his weaknesses. He will be someone who is quick to admit his failures. He will be someone that loves Jesus more than anything or anyone . . . including my daughter. The perfect son-in-law will be someone who is willing to give up everything in order to follow Jesus.

I pray and trust that guy is out there. And so let's be preparing our daughters to be on the look out for that man. And let's be preparing our sons to be that man!

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