Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How Strong Is Your Desire To Grow Spiritually?

Do you want to grow spiritually? I am not talking about a casual, sort-of desire to grow. I mean, do you really want to grow? Do you want to leave your sin? Do you want to follow hard after Jesus Christ? How strong is that desire to grow in your life? Is it strong enough to move you pray this prayer?
"Let the rains of disappointment come, if they water the plants of spiritual grace. Let the winds of adversity blow, if they serve to root more securely the trees that God has planted. I say, let the sun of prosperity be eclipsed, if that brings me closer to the true light of life. Welcome, sweet discipline, discipline designed for my joy, discipline designed to make me what God wants me to be."
Prayers like this are dangerous for the safety of our life. But maybe, just maybe, our safety is keeping us from growing.

What do you think? 

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