Friday, January 31, 2014

Read the Bible in 100+ Days

It's that time again. It is time for me (and hopefully you) to discipline ourselves to read through the Bible. I have tried many different plans in the past and by far, the best plan I have ever used to read through the entire Bible is The Bible in 90 Days. I have finished this plan three times in the past several years and it is time to do it again.

There are many reasons why I love this plan, but let me share two of them. First, there is light at the end of the tunnel from the very beginning of the plan. Three months is not that long. It is possible to keep up with the reading because you realize you are going to finish soon. Now, I am not going to lie and say it is easy. There is a lot of reading that takes place each day. For the normal reader, it will take about 45 minutes a day. I have known people that read along with me and they were able to knock it out in about 30 minutes. For others, it took closer to an hour. Some people get stuck reading through Leviticus in some plans, but in this one, you are through it in two days. It keeps you moving.

But there is another reason why I love this plan. It helps put the Bible in perspective. When you begin reading Matthew and he quotes OT prophecies, you easily remember them because you just read them a week or two ago. You are able to see the big picture of the Bible. I love that. 

One Slight Change!
I am making some slight modifications to the program as I have used it in the past. I am going to pencil in a Meditation Day each week. And so, it will be slightly more than 90 days, it will be 102 days. But I am doing this for a very important reason. Every Sunday is a day off from reading. For some of you, it will be a catch-up day (probably for me as well). But the thought is that I wanted to take some time that day to reflect back upon what I read that past week. 

One of the weaknesses of this plan is that you cannot stop and think and meditate on a particular passage or you will never get through it all. You have to keep moving. Engaging this plan will help you see the Bible from the big picture. There will not be time for the tiny details. And so I am planning a day each week to think back over some of the details I wanted to think about as I was reading. In addition, I do expect it will become a day I can catch up in some reading that I missed.  

When Will We Start?
My plan is to start on Monday, February 10th. And then every Monday, I will post some thoughts on what I read the previous week. I would love for your thoughts as well. If you are interested in reading with me in this plan, simply leave a comment on this post and then check back ever Monday. 

Just so you do not have to do the math, this plan will help you read through the Bible by May 13th. I want to do this and would love others to join me. I hope you will. 

If you want to see the plan, you can download the plan I am going to use HERE.


  1. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

    I've tried other reading plans.

    Something like this for 3 months, that's interesting.

    Will like to try to commit.


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