Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Only Hope Is Jesus

Yesterday I shared my review of Jared C. Wilson's book, The Pastor's Justification. Towards the end of the book, he shares a poem that an elderly lady at his church had written. I loved it. I am not normally into poetry, but this was one I could understand. I hope it blesses you as well. 

My Only Hope Is Jesus

My Jesus I love thee
I love thy written word
It's the sweetest story ever told
that I have ever heard.
You are always with me
you live within my heart
and if I ever need a friend
you are there to impart.
You are always there to listen
to what I have to say
and you answer all of my prayers
in your own special way.
I can come to you in spirit
I can come to you with love
and know some day I'll dwell with you
in my Heavenly home above.
When my work on earth is over
and my work for you is done
you're my only hope for Heaven
you're the only one.

Monelvia May Fitzgerald, The Blessings of My Life: A Collection of Poems (unpublished, 1997), 31.

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