Monday, February 10, 2014

The Bible in 100+ Days (The 1st Day)

Today begins a new journey of reading through the Bible. It's not too late to join. A few weeks ago I shared how and why I would be reading through the Bible in about 100+ days. It is a very fast plan that takes some discipline, but the reward is amazing. I hope some of you are planning on joining me. Here is the plan for this week:

  • February 10th - Genesis 1-16
  • February 11th - Genesis 17-28
  • February 12th - Genesis 29-40
  • February 13th - Genesis 41-50
  • February 14th - Exodus 1-15
  • February 15th - Exodus 16-28
  • February 16th - Meditation Day

Stay tuned here as I will share every Monday some thoughts on my journey through the Bible in the next 100+ days. I would be especially blessed if you shared your thoughts as well. 

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  1. Hi Thad...I was wondering if you would be willing to contact me. I am in need of some encouragement.


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