Monday, February 24, 2014

The Bible in a 100+ Days (Week 2 Summary)

The last two weeks have been good for me as I have had to discipline myself to read the Bible every day. Well, almost every day. I am in a plan that gets through the Bible in just over 100 days. I love it. And I have had great conversations with many of you who are doing it as well. Here are some of my thoughts from week two of reading.

Reading: Exodus 29 - Numbers 32

Thoughts from Week 2: Every time I have done this plan, this is one of the hardest weeks. The end of Exodus, Leviticus, and parts of Numbers are very hard to read. Not only is it very repetitive, but most of this content is so very foreign to our experience. It is mostly about the laws of God and sacrifices needed to cover the sins of the people because they didn't obey those laws. It is draining. It is exhausting to read and to think about being under.

As I read most of this, I was continually moved to thanks for all God has done in my life. I am so thankful for the gospel that tells me I am not under the law anymore, but under grace. I get it that the Law was given to let people know they couldn't do it on their own. It pointed out their weakness and inability to please the Lord with their natural sinful heart. That's why what Jesus did in perfectly fulfilling the Law is such a big deal. He did what we couldn't do.

The few narrative accounts that are told in this section are very interesting. From the Golden Calf to the spies entering the Promised Land to the defeat of foreign kings, we see man's sinful heart of distrust to the Lord and His grace poured out on the people of Israel. Even under the Law, we see the grace of God in their lives. It is a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Reading for Week 3: This is the schedule for the next week. If you want to see the entire schedule, you can find it HERE.

  • February 24th -- Numbers 33 - Deuteronomy 7
  • February 25th -- Deuteronomy 8-23
  • February 26th -- Deuteronomy 24-34
  • February 27th -- Joshua 1-14
  • February 28th -- Joshua 15 - Judges 3
  • March 1st -- Judges 4-15
  • March 2nd -- Meditation Day

Keep reading. I'd love to hear what God is doing in your heart as you are reading His Word each day. 

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