Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why I Love Our Church Staff

I have shared the past couple days several reasons why I love our church and our elders at our church. Today, I wanted to expand on a few thoughts I had as to why I love our church staff. God, in His grace, has brought together some very unlikely people to work together on a weekly basis at Cornerstone Bible Church. Here are three reasons why I love working with them.

They Are Uniquely Gifted.
Each of our staff fits well into what they are called to do at our church. Annee Paul is extremely gifted in the are of music. I like that she writes some of the music we sing at the church. Janet Richard helps run the office smoothly and efficiently. When she is not here, we are often lost. And Luke is a very gifted teacher of God's Word. I feel very comfortable having him teach my son.

They Are Not Afraid to Step Outside Their Job Description.
Annee works with music. Janet works in the office. Luke works with students and families. But they are very quick to do anything when the needs arise. I could give many examples, but the point I'm trying to make is that I have never heard them say, "That's not my job." In fact, they are quick to pick up to help bear the load across the ministry. They do not work out of a selfish attitude, but out of a "what's best for the church" attitude. That's needed and helpful.

They Are Growing Spiritually. 
As we talk in our staff meetings, it is apparent that they are growing in Christ. We talk in the office of what God is teaching us through His Word. They ask questions of how certain things apply to their life. They desire to please the Lord, which is a great attribute to have.

There are many other things that I could say about them. We have fun with each other. We enjoy laughing in the office. We even enjoy the occasional game of Corn Hole. We have fun and I'm thankful to have them part of our ministry. 

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