Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Absolute Sovereignty

This morning, I am taking time to study for my sermon on Sunday from Matthew 14:22-33. It is commonly referred to as "Jesus walks on the Water." In my studies, I came across this quote from J. C. Ryle on the absolute sovereignty of God. It's good. Read it and bask in the thought that God is in full control of all things. 
"We see him 'walking on the sea,' as if it was dry land. Those angry waves which tossed the ship of his disciples to and fro, obey the Son of God, and become a solid floor under his feet. That liquid surface, which was agitated by the least breath of wind, bears up the feet of our Redeemer, like a rock. To our poor, weak minds, the whole event is utterly  incomprehensible. The picture of two feet walking on the sea, is said by Doddridge to have been the Egyptian emblem of an impossible thing; the man of science will tell us, that for material flesh and blood to walk on water is a physical impossibility: enough for us to know that it was done. Enough for us to remember, that to him who created the seas at the beginning, it must have been perfectly easy to walk over their waves when he pleased. 
There is encouragement here for all true Christians. Let them know that there is nothing created which is not under Christ's control: 'All things serve him.' He may allow his people to be tried for a season, and to be tossed to and fro by storms of trouble; he may be later than they wish in coming to their aid, and not draw near till the 'fourth watch of the night:' but never let them forget that winds, and waves, and storms are all Christ's servants. They cannot move without Christ's permission. 'the Lord on high is mightier than the voice of many waters, yea than the mighty waves of the sea' (Psa. 93:4). Are we ever tempted to cry with Jonah, 'The floods compass me about: all thy billows and they waves pass over me'? (Jon. 2:3). Let us remember they are 'his' billows. Let us wait patiently. We may yet see Jesus coming to us, and 'walking on the sea.'"

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