Monday, March 3, 2014

The Bible in 100+ Days (Week 3 Summary)

I am in the middle of reading through the Bible in just over three months. There are many aspects of this reading plan that I love, although, it is difficult. I have fallen behind a few times in the past week and have had to work hard at getting caught up. When the reading is at least 45 minutes a day and you fall a few days behind; well, I bet you can do the math. But I'm caught up and here are some thoughts from the previous week.

Reading: Numbers 33 - Judges 15

Thoughts from Week 3: I really like the book of Deuteronomy. It expressly teaches us the blessings for those that listen to the words of the Lord and the curses that come to those that refuse to listen. These blessings and curses are then played out throughout the books of Joshua and Judges as the people of Israel go in to conquer their land. When they listen to the Lord, the Lord blesses them. When they fail to listen to the Lord, they are cursed.

The book of Judges is very interesting. When the people of Israel did what was right in their own eyes, they moved away from the commands and laws of God. Then God would use a foreign nation to judge them, bring them to their knees to the point the people would repent of their sins. Then God would show mercy upon mercy on them. But then after some time, they would fall deeper into their sin. This cycle of sin, judgment, repentance, mercy is seen throughout this book.

As I think of that cycle, I am humbled. I still sin. I still continue to make decisions every day that walk away from God's plan for me. Yet, His mercy keeps coming my way because the judgment has fallen upon Jesus on the cross. It is His mercy that moves me to repent of that sin. Again, like last week, I am moved to be thankful for the gospel as I read the early stages of the life of Israel.

Reading for Week 4: This is the schedule for the next week. If you want to see the entire schedule, you can find it HERE.

  • March 3rd -- Judges 16 - 1 Samuel 2
  • March 4th -- 1 Samuel 3-15
  • March 5th -- 1 Samuel 16-28
  • March 6th -- 1 Samuel 29 - 2 Samuel 12
  • March 7th -- 2 Samuel 13-22
  • March 8th -- 2 Samuel 23 - 1 Kings 7
  • March 9th -- Meditation Day

Keep reading. I really appreciate the feedback in person and on Facebook for those that are reading with me. Don't get behind and if you do, work hard at catching up.

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