Monday, March 10, 2014

The Bible in 100+ Days (Week 4 Summary)

I am continuing in my journey of reading the Bible in just about three months. As I have in past weeks, I have been falling behind a little, but then usually get caught back up. I have enjoyed the discipline that is needed to do this reading plan. I hope you have as well.

Reading: Judges 16 -- 1 Kings 7

Thoughts from Week 4: Much of the reading this week had to do with the war and battles. It began with the nation of Israel not having a king, progressed through the mixed up life of King Saul, and then through the blessed life of King David. There is so much that impacted me in this section of Scripture, but let me just point out one thing. 

After Saul had died and David had been made king, David makes the decision to bring the Ark of the Covenant up to Jerusalem. We have a very particular account recorded in 2 Samuel 6 where the oxen which carried the cart that contained the Ark stumbled and the Ark was about to fall. When that happened, a certain man by the name of Uzzah reached out his hand to keep the Ark from falling to the ground and he is struck dead by the Lord. At first glance it seems rather strange that God would kill him for trying to protect the Ark of the Lord. But in reality, what he failed to realize (and I'm sure everyone got the lesson) is that there is more dirtiness in his hands and body than in the dirt. 

From that moment on, it appears as if the people took the trip very seriously for we are told that they sacrificed an ox and fattened animal six steps along the way. This may have been only after the first six steps or after every six steps. Either way, the point is well taken. They took the carrying of the Ark seriously because the Lord commanded they do so. 

I wonder how often we take the things of the Lord that seriously. Maybe a quick reminder to think more deeply about His things. 

Reading for Week 5: This is the schedule for this next week. If you want to see the entire plan, you can find it HERE.

  • March 10th -- 1 Kings 8-16
  • March 11th -- 1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 4
  • March 12th -- 2 Kings 5-15
  • March 13th -- 2 Kings 16-25
  • March 14th -- 1 Chronicles 1-9
  • March 15th -- 1 Chronicles 10-23
  • March 16th -- Meditation Day

If you are not following along with me on this reading plan, I hope you are taking some time each day to read the Word of God.

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