Monday, March 17, 2014

The Bible in 100+ Days (Week 5 Summary)

I am continuing my journey of reading the Bible in just over three months. It is proving to become more and more difficult to discipline myself to do it. 

Reading: 1 Kings 8 -- 1 Chronicles 23

Okay, full disclosure. I have fallen behind this week. I can make all sorts of excuses, but I just have not taken the time necessary to be disciplined. As of Monday, I am only in 2 Kings 15, which means I am now three days behind. I will do my best to get caught up this next week. 

Thoughts from Week 5: The main thought I had this past week as I read (only a few days worth of reading) is how human and fallen the kings of Israel and Judah really were before God. And beyond them, the prophets and leaders God used to bring judgment upon the kings of Israel who walked away from Him were not perfect. There were very few good Kings. This was a very dark time in the nation of Israel & Judah as king after king moved away from the Lord.

But every now and then, God would raise up a king that would follow Him and seek His ways. They are the light amidst the darkness. In these times, we see a glimpse of what God will do someday in the nation of Israel through Jesus Christ, the greatest son of David. What all these kings can't do and won't do, Jesus does as the perfect King of Israel. 

Reading for Week 6: Here is the schedule for the coming week. If you want to see the entire plan, you can find it HERE.

  • March 17th -- 1 Chronicles 24 - 2 Chronicles 7
  • March 18th -- 2 Chronicles 8-23
  • March 19th -- 2 Chronicles 24-36
  • March 20th -- Ezra 1-10
  • March 21st -- Nehemiah 1-13
  • March 22nd -- Nehemiah 14 - Job 7
  • March 23rd -- Meditation Day
Keep reading. I hope you are not as far behind as I am, but if you are, catch up. 

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