Wednesday, April 23, 2014

God's Love & Wrath

I have been reading Thor Ramsey's little book, The Most Encouraging Book On Hell Ever, the past week. I will write a full review of the book when I finish. But for now, I'd like to share a few thoughts he writes on the battle that is often seen in the love of God vs. the wrath of God.
"The love of God detached from the gospel communicates nothing. If God loves everyone just the way they are, what's the point of repenting (turning around and going the other way) and believing the gospel? . . . If God loves you just he way you are, there was no reason for Jesus to die on the cross for you. The point frequently missing from the gospel these days is that God doesn't love you just the way you are. Even if you are a Christian. And I mean a really, really great one. Instead, he loves Christ, and when you are found in Christ, then and only then do you find yourself in the absolute security of God's love. That's the glad tiding of great joy. But this can never happen apart from Christ. Apart from Christ, God's wrath abides on you (see John 3:36). Put that on a coffee mug" (64-66). 
"It would be inconsistent for a holy God to overlook sin in his creatures. That's why he cannot let the guilty go unpunished. And that's why he has a wrath against all unrighteousness and why his wrath upholds the glory of his name. A God who would forgive us without the cross would be a very different God from the one we see in Scripture. The God of the Bible has a love that has nothing to do with vague-ish thoughts of infinite hugs. His love is fierce, holy, and wrathful. The love of God honors his holy character by displaying the only right reaction toward evil: wrath" (73).

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