Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Best Way To Handle Conflict

Have you ever wanted to know how to handle a situation when someone is upset at you? Have you wondered what you should do when people are saying things about you behind your back? Before I get to the answer, watch this video . . .

If anything, this teaches us one very important lesson. People will easily say something behind your back that they will not say to your face. And so, when you are trying to deal with conflict, bring the conversation out into the public. Don't allow it to stay in the dark, expose it to the light. That is why I would say, the best way to handle conflict is to . . .

Talk Face to Face Whenever Possible.

Isn't it amazing how the people responded when Robinson Cano came out of the box? Now, granted, he is one of the best baseball players in the world and the people were probably just excited about meeting him. But obviously, they didn't want to say things to his face they would say behind his back. 

When you are having problems with people, the best thing you can do is to sit down and talk face to face. If you possibly can, avoid communicating only through text messages. Don't try to have all your conversations through long emails. If it is impossible to sit down face to face, at least pick up the phone and call them. Talk to them, don't just text or email them. 

How to handle adversity? Don't run away and allow it to fester in the darkness. Run towards the problem and help be an agent of reconciliation. It's sort of like the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of sin, we are the problem and He ran towards us to expose us and bring it to the light. Model Jesus in how you deal with conflict.

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