Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Basics Conference, Day 3

This afternoon concluded the 2014 Basics Conference. If you are interested, you can find all the resources (audio and video) HERE. I would highly encourage you to take some time to listen to the messages from this conference. You will be blessed. Here are just a few highlights from this morning.

Q & A with All Speakers
The morning began with a Question and Answer time with all the speakers. While many of the questions are the same that they receive every year, I was particularly drawn to one that had to do with a sabbatical. I don't know a pastor who wouldn't want a sabbatical. While I do not know if I will ever be at a place where I could have one, their words of advice about rest and purpose made me desire it even more. Please listen to the audio for a further explanation.

Main Session -- Alistair Begg
Begg began the conference by encouraging pastors to preach through the book of Ecclesiastes. He chose to end the conference by preaching through the last chapter of the book. As I said the other day, I do not have to be encouraged to preach this book. I see the relevance. I understand how it applies to the life of the average person today. But to sit and listen to this last chapter being explained showed once again how it applies. 

There is an opportunity we have with our young people to teach them about our Creator God. But it is a limited time. Soon, they will grow old and drift away from any understanding of Him. The description of the old man is humorous and enlightening. In the end, we are called to get above heaven and fear God (enjoy Him, love Him, worship Him) and do what He says. That is the chief end of man.

Concluding Remarks
I once again appreciated the interaction I was able to have with friends and colleagues at this conference. I will look forward again to it next year. 

Thank you Parkside Church for your generosity and hospitality. The work of the gospel in the life of your people is obvious. I praise the Lord for you.

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