Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shallow Repentance

I am most of my way through reading Dr. Larry Crabb's Fully Alive (review coming soon). This thought on shallow repentance was really helpful.
"Shallow repentance looks something like this: we do something wrong and then we feel guilty. Feeling guilty also makes us feel bad, unhappy, irritable, and cold. We then dwell on our failure as a way of doing penance. Penance, of course, is pride. It's our way of telling God that He really ought to forgive us so we can feel better about ourselves. We weary God with tearful pledges to do better, promises we repeat after every failure. When we manage by serious self-effort to not commit our besetting sin for a season, we feel more proud than grateful, still self-absorbed. When we do fail again, whether in familiar or new ways, bad feelings start the same cycle of shallow repentance all over again" (177).

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